Meet the Team

We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice. We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.


Front Desk


Welcoming patients with a warm smile, and always having time to check in with them to make sure that they’re happy with the care they’re receiving, Denise is focused on customer service. She’s excellent at answering questions, oversees our scheduling, and handles billing and accounting duties, as well. Denise says that getting to know the people we care for, and being a part of their lives, are her favorite parts of her job. Outside of work, Denise spends much of her time with her family. She enjoys traveling and playing golf, and is a very accomplished cook who enjoys collecting and trying new recipes.



Front Desk


Natalie loves helping people anyway she can. She’s always available to help our patients understand their dental insurance and knows how best to maximize their benefits, so the person gets the most from them. Here, we believe that a patient should be able to get the care they need, when they need it. So Natalie and our team will do everything in our power to find the insurance benefits which ensures that happens for you. Natalie’s personal life is very much focused on her family, including her three sons. She enjoys going to her sons’ sporting events during the week and on the weekend, too, as well as taking walks and going on bike rides.



Front Desk

As our newest addition to the office, Janice is making patients feel more welcome.  She is excited to work with patients and really enjoys how to be helpful in any possible way.  Janice schedules appopintments, answers the phone, verifies insurance coverage, and takes care of a number of other tasks at the front desk. She helps patients feel more confident and they leave with a smile of their face.  When Janice is not in the office, she enjoys travelling, sometimes spur of the moment, especially to California, Colorado, and Florida.  She also looks forward to going out with friends and family to new restaurants to try new foods!



Front Desk


When you call our office, it’s often Megan’s friendly voice you’ll hear at the end of the line. Her work duties including handling accounts, scheduling patient appointments, and filing, among other tasks. Quite approachable and always smiling, Megan loves getting to know our patients and learning about their lives and interests. She feels it’s important, as we all do, to see the individual as a whole person, so she works to develop a rapport with everyone. During her vacations, Megan loves to travel. She’s been throughout the United States, much of Europe, and parts of the Caribbean, as well as Mexico and Belize.



Front Desk

Kathie greets our patients with a bright, cheerful smile. Her friendly disposition is evident both on the phone and in person. She is a hard worker that maintains a great attitude as she helps keep the front desk working smoothly. When away from the office, Kathie cares for her husband, two children, and three dogs! She is also an avid Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks fan.




Lynn loves that we’re a family practice and that she’s able to work with people from our youngest patients to the oldest, getting to know them over the years. She’s become real friends with many of the people we provide dental care to, viewing them as extended members of her family. Lynn spends a lot of time helping patients understand the connection between oral health and overall body health, and how to keep their mouths healthy and clean between visits. During the summer, Lynn loves working in her garden. She’s also an avid reader, especially on topics of health, diet, and dental care, though occasionally she’s been known to enjoy works of fiction, too.




Lynne wanted to be a hygienist since high school.  She graduated from Northwestern and worked for a while before taking time off to raise her family.  She came to us as a temporary hygienist and quickly realized that this is where she belonged.  She loves being a hygienist and helping patients understand the importance of preventing gum disease through regular visits and consistent home care.  She especially enjoys hearing patient's stories and sharing her own.  Lynne was one of seven children so getting along comes naturally!  She is married to her husband, Dale, and has twin boys. She has strong faith and keeps a positive outlook after the loss of her daughter, Terri Ann at 19 to cancer.  She loves spending time with family and friends, travelling, reading, and going to pilates class.  She also scuba dives!  For Lynne, life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.  Her glass is always half full!





Interacting with patients on a personal level, as well as a professional one, help Teresa love her days here at the practice. Developing strong relationships with our long-term patients, and seeing their oral health improve along with their increase in their dental health knowledge, all make Teresa smile. She enjoys getting to know each person during their visits, learning about their lives and sharing stories with them, all the while focusing on their individual oral hygiene needs and educating them about making healthy decisions and establishing positive habits. In her free time, Teresa loves to spend as much time as possible traveling, preferably with family members and friends.


Nancy L.


nancy l

Seeing a patient’s dental health improve, firsthand, and getting to know the person during the care process, are what Nancy likes most about her days here at the practice. She takes a lot of time with each person, teaching them about the best ways to keep their teeth and gums healthy, make good nutritional decisions, and establish healthy habits, all of which lead to excellent oral health and a healthy body. She also performs cleanings and oral cancer screenings, scaling and polishing, takes radiographs, and schedules patient re-care appointments, too. When not at work, Nancy enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She’s active with a bible study group and volunteers at her church and with Feed My Starving Children. She’s a Dental Examiner who loves going on walks with her dog, and, knowing that good oral health is important to all species, she brushes her dog’s teeth, too!




Diane is a graduate from UIC-Chicago with a BS in chemistry. She has an associate’s degree in dental hygiene from Northwestern Dental School. Working in a general dental practice is sometimes challenging because of the varying ages of the patients, their abilities with home care, and the medicinal interactions in the mouth. She loves these challenges. By using her clinical experience and scientific mythology she is able to formulate a specific oral hygiene routine geared to each person’s individual oral needs. To be able to evaluate, promote, and implement the best personal care for each patient is a very rewarding accomplishment. During every visit she strives to take away the fears of dentistry by creating a relationship with her patients. This is a top priority for successfully caring for each patient’s needs. For fun, Diane enjoys hanging out with family and friends. She also likes seasonal outdoor activities such as outdoor concerts, boating, bike riding ,and vegetable and flower gardening.


Nancy S.


nancy c

Nancy brings a lot of warmth to our practice, and she’s very good at helping our patients feel comfortable in the dental chair while receiving treatment. She’s quick to smile and joke with patients, though she also knows when to listen and enjoys it when a patient chooses to open up to her. As a chairside assistant, Nancy helps our doctors during procedures, ensuring they have everything needed at hand, but also being there for the patient. She knows that keeping the person informed about what the doctor is doing and how everything is progressing helps many people get through a procedure without worrying. Nancy and her husband have two sons and two grandchildren. They also share their lives with a Boston Terrier, named Sophie. Nancy’s an Eucharistic minister through her church, loves to play games on her iPad, and stays fit and healthy through regular exercise.





With gentle hands and a reassuring manner, Diana excels at providing support and encouragement to even our most timid patients. She’s always available to listen and educate, and as a Certified Dental Assistant, her days bring her into constant contact with those we serve. She works chairside, assisting our doctors as they perform procedures, making sure they have everything needed at hand. However, her attention is always on the person being cared for, seeing to it that they are comfortable and updating them on what the doctor is doing. Passionate about travel, Diana particularly enjoys warm, foreign, and exotic destinations. When she’s at home, she enjoys baking and gardens extensively.





Working with people from diverse backgrounds, learning about their lives and experiences, and developing friendships with them, are all part of Lisa’s work day. She loves being able to help improve a person’s oral health while getting to know them as an individual. Lisa provides chairside assistance to our doctors while they care for patients, but her focus is always on the patient’s comfort. She talks with the patient about what the doctor is doing, offering reassurance and encouragement when needed. When not at the office, Lisa and her husband Paul enjoy watching their son, Joseph, play baseball, and going on long family walks with their dog Doug, the Pug. She’s also an excellent home cook.