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Welcome to Amedeo & Colonna, Ltd.


We are returning to normal office hours! In keeping with the governor’s and the Illinois State Dental Society’s recommendations, routine dental procedures may resume. We have been treating urgent and painful dental problems since mid-March. Our focus now is directed at treating patients in order to avoid average dental issues turning into serious and costly problems.

Hygiene patients are also being seen on a limited basis throughout the month of May. As we repopulate our hygiene schedule, we ask our patients to be flexible regarding their appointment times. Please note, in an effort to prevent possible virus exposure, we may not use an ultrasonic scaler or jet polisher. All teeth will be cleaned manually, and polished with slow speed, rotary rubber cups and polishing paste.

We will begin restoring teeth, especially those that have suffered during our shutdown. All tooth preparations will be performed using high-speed suction. Sometimes we may use a dental dam to limit spray exposure.

We have installed a HEPA air purifier and all of our clinical staff will use approved Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). That includes N95 masks under surgical masks. We will have protective jackets, goggles, face shields, hair, and shoe covers when necessary. The staff will all have their temperatures taken daily and will be reviewed for contact with a possible Covid-19 positive exposure.

We have to maintain social distancing in our reception room so only three patients can sit at any given time and will be asked to wear a face covering while waiting. If a fourth patient comes in, they will be asked to wait in the building’s common reception area at the front of the building. Any further patients will wait in their car and can be called or texted when they can be seated.

Like our staff, we will take your temperature and ask you a series of questions. We will ask you to wash your hands and rinse with a hydrogen peroxide solution to reduce your oral microbial count.

Our office has always treated every patient as if they have an infectious disease, so to safeguard your health, we steam autoclave all instruments to ensure sterility. The rooms are thoroughly disinfected and surface protection is replaced between each patient. As we are tailoring our procedures regarding the coronavirus, we may need a bit more time to clean the room in between patients. We ask that you please be patient as we provide a safe space for your treatment!

We are in a whole new world since this pandemic began. Several of you have been rescheduled many times to accommodate new directives from the state government and our local dental society. These mandates and recommendations remain changeable as time goes on. Thank you for your continued understanding during these difficult times.

Thank you and stay safe,
Dr. Amedeo and Dr. Colonna


Offering painless dentistry, delivered with a gentle touch, Dr. David Amedeo, Dr. Bernard Colonna, and our team are committed to creating excellent oral health and beautiful smiles for our patients. Here, we believe that dental care should be affordable and timely, and we emphasize prevention to avoid long-term issues.


We’re a family-friendly dental practice, offering care to children, teens, adults, and seniors, customized to each person’s unique needs. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and we use the latest, proven techniques to keep our patients’ mouths healthy, but we never forget the most important aspect of the care we provide: the connection we have with our patients.

Some of the dental services available at Amedeo & Colonna, Ltd. are:

Our team believes that customer service means being available to our patients. Whether you need answers to questions about dental care, or are having a weekend dental emergency, we are here to help. For more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation or a free “second opinion” appointment, please contact our Park Ridge, IL dental office.

Dr. Amedeo, Dr. Colonna, and our team look forward to meeting you and helping you attain excellent oral health and an incredible smile you’ll love sharing with the world!

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