Inlays and Onlays

If you’re dealing with tooth decay or damage and need a long-lasting dental restoration solution, consider dental inlays and onlays. Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge are the experts for all your dental restoration needs. 

Understanding Dental Inlays and Onlays

To understand dental inlays and onlays, you need to know the basic structure of a tooth. A tooth consists of the biting surface, cusps, and grooves. Inlays and onlays are restorative dental treatments that repair and restore the biting surface. 

An inlay is a custom-made filling that fits into the grooves of the tooth, covering the damaged area within the cusps. 

An onlay covers a larger part of the tooth, including the cusps, and is used when damage extends beyond the cusps. 

Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge provide both services, offering precise and durable restoration for damaged teeth.

The Role of Inlays in Dental Restoration

Inlays are essential for dental restoration, especially when there is tooth decay. They repair teeth with decay between cusps or in partially damaged areas. Inlays preserve natural teeth and require less removal of tooth structure compared to traditional fillings. They can also replace old fillings, strengthening natural teeth and preventing further decay. Composite resin inlays can match the color of your natural tooth, enhancing your smile’s appearance.

The Role of Onlays in Dental Restoration

Onlays are a comprehensive restoration option that covers a larger area of the tooth, including the chewing surface and cusps. They are used for extensive tooth decay or damage. Onlays rebuild and restore the tooth’s structure and function, providing a natural-looking and durable solution. They also protect against further decay and damage, ensuring long-lasting restoration.

Inlays and Onlays: A Comparison with Other Solutions

Inlays vs Direct Fillings

Inlays and direct fillings differ in several ways: 

  • Inlays require two dental visits for tooth preparation, impression, and placement. Direct fillings are completed in a single visit, making them quicker. 
  • Inlays are custom-made in a dental laboratory for precise and durable restoration. Direct fillings, like resin fillings, are placed directly into the cavity using composite material that matches the tooth color. 
  • Inlays preserve more of the natural tooth structure compared to basic fillings, offering a conservative treatment for tooth restoration.

Onlays vs Crowns

Onlays have advantages over dental crowns: 

  • Onlays are more conservative, preserving natural tooth structure. 
  • They only cover the damaged area, making them less invasive. 
  • Onlays require less removal of tooth structure, making them a better option for extensive decay or damage. 
  • Unlike onlays, crowns involve significant tooth reduction and may require root canal treatment for extensive decay. 
  • Onlays provide natural-looking and durable restorations compared to dental crowns.

The Process of Getting Inlays and Onlays

Initial Assessment for Inlays and Onlays at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge

Before getting inlays or onlays, Amedeo and Colonna, LTD will conduct a dental assessment. This involves evaluating the tooth’s condition, including X-rays, to determine the extent of decay or damage. Treatment options like inlays and onlays will be discussed, and Amedeo and Colonna, LTD will outline the benefits for the individual’s tooth restoration needs. This personalized plan ensures that inlays or onlays are the most suitable treatment option for the tooth’s condition.

Preparation for Inlays and Onlays

Once the decision to proceed with inlays or onlays is made, Amedeo and Colonna, LTD begin the preparation. This involves removing the damaged or decayed part of the tooth while preserving the healthy tooth structure. The removed tooth material will be replaced with a custom-made inlay or onlay, created based on a digital impression of the tooth. This digital technology ensures precise fit and accurate restoration, resulting in strength, durability, and a natural appearance.

Types and Materials Used for Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays use different types of materials to suit dental needs. Options include gold, ceramic, and resin composite. Gold is durable, ceramic is aesthetically appealing, and resin composite is cost-effective. Each material addresses specific requirements, providing strong and natural-looking solutions for damaged teeth. Amedeo and Colonna, LTD guide patients on the materials that meet their individual needs and result in a healthy smile.

Gold – A Durable Choice

Gold inlays are an excellent choice for dental restoration due to their durability and strength. They provide a good fit and seal, preventing decay, and have exceptional resistance to tooth wear. 

Ceramic – Aesthetically Pleasing

Ceramic inlays are an excellent choice for visible tooth restorations. They match the natural color of teeth, resist staining and abrasion, and maintain a natural appearance. These aesthetically pleasing inlays are durable, long-lasting, and biocompatible, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. 

Composite – A Cost-Effective Option

Composite inlays are a cost-effective dental restoration option that blend seamlessly with natural teeth. They require minimal removal of tooth structure and can be bonded for added support. This versatile and minimally invasive treatment is ideal for minor tooth decay or cracks near the gum line.

How to Maintain Your Inlays and Onlays

To maintain a healthy smile, it’s crucial to take care of your dental onlay and inlay covers. Regular brushing and flossing can prevent tooth decay near the gum line. Schedule an appointment with Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge for a cleaning and check-up. Ensure your onlay fits properly to avoid damage to the biting surface and prevent cracked or damaged teeth. Regular fillings and resin composite materials can restore tooth fissures and prevent additional damage.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

To maintain the durability of inlays and onlays, it is important to practice proper oral care. Regular brushing and flossing help prevent decay and gum disease. These practices also promote overall tooth health. Routine dental cleanings at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD also contribute to their longevity and functionality. 

Regular Dental Check-ups at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge

Regular dental check-ups at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD are crucial for early detection of issues with inlays and onlays. Professional examinations assess the integrity of dental restorations and overall oral health, preventing future complications. They also allow our team of experts to provide personalized care and recommendations, maintaining a healthy smile and addressing minor tooth decay. 

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Inlays and onlays are an effective dental solution for restoring damaged teeth. They provide a conservative alternative to crowns and direct fillings, offering durability and aesthetic appeal. With different materials available, such as gold, ceramic, and composite, you can choose an option that suits your needs and budget. Count on Amedeo and Colonna, LTD for all your dental needs.

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