Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-Supported Bridges: Benefits & Procedure

If you are missing teeth and looking for a permanent solution that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your smile, implant-supported bridges may be the right choice for you. Count on Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge for all your oral health needs.

Understanding Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are a dental solution that utilizes dental implants to support artificial teeth as a replacement for missing teeth. These bridges help fill the gap left by missing teeth, and the bridge is held in place by surgically placed dental implants that act as artificial tooth roots. After an initial healing period, the final bridge is fitted in place to restore both the aesthetics and functionality of the smile. 

One of the significant benefits of implant-supported bridges is that they offer a more permanent solution than traditional bridges or dentures. The use of dental implants to secure the bridge ensures that it remains firmly in place without slipping or moving around, allowing patients to eat and speak with confidence. 

Additionally, implant-supported bridges can prevent bone loss in the jaw, which can occur when teeth are missing and not replaced. This prevention can help maintain facial structure and avoid potential complications down the line. 

Implant-supported bridges also have a natural appearance since they are custom made to match your natural teeth’ shape, color, and size. Patients who opt for this option can enjoy a renewed sense of confidence when smiling and speaking publicly without worrying about their restoration’s appearance. 

Lastly, with proper care and maintenance, implant-supported bridges can last for several years, making them an excellent long-term investment for those seeking a durable solution for their missing teeth.

The Unique Features of Implant Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges offer a unique feature – they don’t rely on adjacent teeth for support. Unlike traditional dental bridges, which require adjacent teeth to be prepared and crowned, implant-supported bridges preserve the health and integrity of natural teeth. 

Dental implants are placed into the jawbone to support the bridge, avoiding the need to compromise healthy teeth. At Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge, this conservative treatment option provides stability and prevents bone resorption. By stimulating the surrounding bone, implant supported bridges maintain healthy bone structure and contribute to oral cavity health.

Advantages of Opting for Implant Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges have several advantages for treating missing teeth. They provide a permanent, natural-looking solution that restores the ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence. Unlike removable dentures, they are fixed in the mouth, eliminating the need for adhesives or worries about them slipping out. Implant supported bridges also offer a stable and comfortable alternative to traditional bridges that rely on natural teeth and may feel loose or unstable at times.

Longevity and Durability of Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are highly durable and long-lasting. The number of implants required depends on each case, but even a single implant can provide stability. The implants are securely placed in the jawbone and fuse with the bone through osseointegration, creating a strong foundation for the bridge. 

The success of implant-supported bridges relies on adequate surrounding bone structure. In cases of bone loss, bone grafting procedures may be necessary before implant placement. 

After full integration of the implants, the final bridge is attached to the abutments, resulting in a natural, functional, and durable restoration.

Improved Aesthetics and Functionality

Implant-supported bridges restore the appearance and functionality of missing teeth. The artificial teeth blend seamlessly with natural teeth, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing smile. They also mimic the contour of gum tissue for a natural-looking result. Functionally, implant- supported bridges function like natural teeth, allowing individuals to eat their favorite foods without worry. They remain securely in place, eliminating discomfort and inconvenience. By restoring chewing and speaking abilities, they improve overall oral health and quality of life.

The Process of Getting Implant Supported Bridges

If you are considering implant-supported bridges, the process at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge typically involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Consultation and Examination: Amedeo and Colonna, LTD will thoroughly evaluate your oral health, discuss your treatment goals, and determine the right treatment plan for you.
  2. Placement of Implants and Healing Time: The experts at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD perform oral surgery to place the dental implants into the jawbone. After the surgery, a healing cap is placed on the implants, allowing the implants to integrate with the bone over a period of several months.
  3. Final Fitting of the Bridge: Once the implants have fully integrated, the final bridge, custom-crafted to match the natural teeth, is attached to the implants, completing the treatment process.

Post-Procedure Care for Implant Supported Bridges

After the implant-supported bridge procedure, proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure the longevity and success of the treatment. Here are some post-procedure care tips for implant-supported bridges:

  • Practice routine oral hygiene, including brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing regularly.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash to keep the implant bridge and surrounding gum tissue clean.
  • Avoid chewing on hard foods or using the implant bridge to open packaging, as these actions can potentially damage the bridge.
  • Visit Amedeo and Colonna regularly for check-ups and professional cleanings.

By following these care practices, you can maintain the health and longevity of your implant- supported bridge.

Routine Oral Hygiene Practices

To ensure the health and longevity of your implant-supported bridge, it is important to adopt routine oral hygiene practices that include brushing, flossing, use of an antimicrobial mouthwash and regular dental check-ups at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge.

Deciding on Implant-Supported Bridges

When considering treatment options for missing teeth, it’s essential to evaluate the pros and cons of various options, including implant-supported bridges. Factors such as tooth loss, tooth decay, bone augmentation, and personal preferences should be taken into account. Explore alternative treatments, such as removable partial dentures or traditional dental bridges, alongside dental implants, to make an informed decision. Consulting with Amedeo and Colonna, LTD will help determine the most suitable treatment option for your unique dental needs and goals.

Factors to Consider

Several factors should be considered when deciding on implant-supported bridges, including:

  • Tooth Loss: The number of missing teeth and the position of the gap are crucial factors in determining the best treatment option.
  • Tooth Decay: The condition of the remaining teeth should be assessed, as adjacent teeth should be healthy enough to support the bridge or implant abutments.
  • Bone Augmentation: The quality and quantity of the jawbone should be evaluated to determine if bone grafting is necessary for implant placement.
  • Aesthetic Preferences: The desire for a natural-looking smile is an important consideration, as implant supported bridges provide a lifelike appearance.

By taking these factors into account and consulting with the experts at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge, individuals can make an informed decision about whether implant-supported bridges are the right treatment option for their dental needs.

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Implant-supported bridges offer numerous benefits for individuals who are looking to replace missing teeth. These bridges provide long-lasting durability, improved aesthetics, and enhanced functionality. Additionally, they contribute to better oral health by preventing bone loss and preserving the alignment of neighboring teeth.

If you are considering getting implant-supported bridges, it is important to consult with the professionals at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge who will assess your specific needs and determine if you are a suitable candidate. Remember to follow proper post-procedure care, including routine oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD, to ensure the longevity and success of your implant-supported bridge.

By choosing implant-supported bridges, you can restore your smile and regain confidence in your oral health. Don’t hesitate to explore this effective tooth replacement with the professionals at Amedeo and Colonna, LTD in Park Ridge.

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